We'll collaborate on a t-shirt, hat (or other garment). I'll cover implementing the design/ production/ shipping/ customer service. Think of it as a free opportunity to drop merch.

Action Items
We need an awesome design
  • With your input and Art Direction.. any images of reference designs really helps!
  • As many rounds of edits until we get the vision.
Date - to present the collab on Social Media
I will drop my youtube vid of the collab and promos on instagram/ twitter/ facebook/ tik tok. We will provide a tiktok/short/reel. We will most likely ask to collaborate on a instgram reel. and have you post on your platforms.
  • Put out media (promo video) on the collab - on your social media platforms
  • My team will work these assets with your notes and edits before the drop date. We will format vertical 9:16 for reel, shorts, tiktok.
Date - deadline to pre-order the Merch/ Collection
  • This is JUST the deadline to pre-order (maybe a week or 2 after the video drops).
  • The pre-order and customer service will be on Nonbeta.Co. If you want it to be one your e-com platform as well, I'm totally down for both, as well.
Sampling & Unit Cost
At the point of sending you the samples in the mail (to have you record your reaction) I'll also let you know the bare unit cost. This is what it cost to assemble the finished product. So if you want to ...
    • sell any on your e-com platform or
    • sell any, do a give-away at a live event
    • sell items after the sale (hold stock)
I will provide those units at the unit cost at no extra charge.
Production Fees
Cost of Merch
Nonbeta will cover ALL upfront costs and recoupe them in product sales.
  • Design & revisions are free, Nonbeta will provide this.
  • We will let you know those costs as they progress before we finalize the design.
Production Cost
  • Nonbeta can front the cost for the garments and production.
Shipping & Customer Service
  • Shipping labor is free, Nonbeta will do this.
  • Customer Service is free, Nonbeta will provide this.
Your Payout
  • Nonbeta will pay you 1 month after the ship date (to ensure we have costs settled for customer service aka returns).

You can see other collaborations here.

Simple  Explanation

  1. We'll make a collab garment together.
  2. We'll shoot the collab video. I'll edit the vid and promos.
  3. You post the promo on you social medias (including the order deadline date).
Nonbeta will cover the design formatting, production, shipping, customer service.
      4.NB will cover all upfront costs (and recoup them with sales)
  1. We go halves on profit (A time after the sales get fulfilled we will send payment).

Collab Q&A

  1. What if I have a design in mind?

         That's perfect. We prefer it with as many visual references as possible. Pictures of other t-shirts or artwork we can work off of.


       2.) Are there minimums?

No. 1 or 1,000 we'll make it happen. 


 3.) How does Nonbeta make money?

We really aren't making money on this.


 4.) Where will we sell the merch?

Nonbeta.co but we can sell on your e-com platform as well. We're flexible.